Bibi van den Berg

Bibi van den Berg


Prof.dr. Bibi van den Berg (1975) is full professor of Cyber Security Governance at Leiden University, and the head of the Cyber Security Governance research group at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs of this university. Van den Bergh has an MA and PhD in philosophy, both from Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Her research and teaching focus on several themes: (1) cyber security governance, (2) governance of security and safety and (3) regulating human behaviour through the use of technologies (techno-regulation and nudging).

Van den Berg is the chair of ACCSS, the Academic Cyber Security Society in the Netherlands. She is also a member of the Dutch Cyber Security Council, a Council that advises the Dutch cabinet on how to improve cybersecurity in the Netherlands. She is also a member of the ICT Advisory Board of the Central Bureau of Statistics in the Netherlands, and chair of the Advisory Board of ID&D.


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